A load of chop

Top 5 most iconic chef’s dishes

1) Joël Robuchon’s ‘Pomme Puree’

This is truly legendary. If you want it bangers and mash style that’ll be £75.

The ratio of potato to butter is 2:1. Fuck me.

Still, this is the man with more Michelin stars (25) than any other chef in history. Worth a dip.

Like owners begin to resemble their pets, dare I say, Joel is starting to look a little like his signature dish?

“At a time when French chefs barely deigned to serve the humble tuber, Robuchon’s pomme puree were a revelation, if not a revolution.”

From ‘Great Grand and Famous Chefs’

2) Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Snail Porridge’

I remember when the fashion brand Diesel first launched. They brought out a men’s deodorant stick which managed to be at first repellent, then weird, before becoming addictive and eventually pretty nice. Just like Diesel in a petrol station. Genius.

That’s exactly what this dish is. As Heston says ‘it’s all in the name’, which messes with  what you have been conditioned to think you will like. Though it sounds strange, the actually dish is classic French; Parsley, garlic , shallots, mushrooms, butter, almonds, Dijon. Albeit delivered with Heston’s precision. I’ve tried it. It’s nice.

3) Thomas Keller’s ‘Oysters and Pearls’

Has a dish ever sounded more sexual? Not even Koffman’s Pig Trotter. Thomas Keller  has been the top man in America for 20 years and presides over two of the world’s best, Per Se and The French Laundry.  Oysters, caviar and tapioca form  this dish which begins every tasting menu he does.

4) Pierre Koffman’s ‘Pig Trotter’

Has a dish ever sounded less sexual? Copied everywhere, this is probably the chef’s choice and Koffman is certainly a chef’s chef. Perhaps one of the top 3 or 4 of all time.

5) Nobu Matsuhisa’s ‘Black Cod’

Japan’s most famous chef and namesake of the world’s top high end restaurant brand.

It’s bling food, footballers order it.  Your bling mate might serve it at their dinner party. You can’t deny its good though.

Also Nobu’s business partner is Robert Di Niro and he starred in Scorsese’s film Casino.

Honorable Mentions

Ferran Adria’s – ‘Exploding Olive’ El Buli

Fergus Henderson’s ‘Roast bone marrow with parsley salad’ St John

Albert Roux’s - ‘Soufflé Suissesse’ Le Gavroche, The Waterside Inn

August Escoffier’s – ‘Oxtail Soup’


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